2021: let's dream a little

At Missions Publiques, we have a wish for 2021: to bring to life the 21st century citizens’ assembly. 

Let’s dream a little. An assembly made up of 150 women and men, representing equally today’s society but also other forms of life – animals, plants, oceans – and the 7th generation that will follow us.

With this assembly, renewed regularly, decisions would be made while looking 200 years ahead, constantly considering the consequences of a decision for future generations and the living system of which humanity is a part. We would not only think about the future on the basis of today’s present society and its constant evolution, but on the basis of what would connect humanity. Let’s continue to imagine, to project ourselves. 

For this wish to come true, we even imagined the ideal place for participation with the architect Luc Schuiten: a place that could be dismantled, mobile and inclusive, a space for peaceful dialogue where citizens would feel at ease to deliberate. Unachievable? We don’t think so!

2020 and its series of challenges are coming to an end. We turn to this new year with enthusiasm and  we hope it will be enriched by citizen dialogues around the world.

We wish you a very happy new year.