Citizens’ panel on the future of Europe

Three citizens’ debates on the future of Europe were held in 2018:

  • one with 100 citizens whose names were drawn at random in 27 countries, which kicked off the series of consultations;
  • the second with 50 citizens from Franche-Comté and Burgundy in eastern France, also selected at random;
  • and the third with 52 French citizens selected at random from across France (including the overseas territories (click here for a round-up of those debates (in French)).

With our partners – the Bourgogne France Comté regional council, the European Commission, the European Economic and Social Committee, the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the association Particip-Action – these people discussed the Europe they would like to see, drawing on their expertise and experience. Three citizens’ opinions were commended for their quality and relevance.