Saint-Nazaire, maritime and coastal ambition

“Ambition Maritime Saint-Nazaire Pornichet” is a project backed jointly by the area’s public stakeholders and by elected representatives for the municipalities of Saint-Nazaire and Pornichet, the Communauté dagglomération de la Région Nazairienne et de lEstuaire (or CARENE, the urban community) and the Nantes Saint-Nazaire urban area.

In a similar vein to projects already undertaken, the goal is to promote the area’s various waterfronts (the Atlantic coast as well as the Brière marsh and the Loire estuary) and to shape an all-round project or development strategy for the area for the next 15 to 20 years. The coastline is a busy residential and seaside area, with economic, productive, tourist, commercial and tertiary activity.

A whole series of plans aims to reveal the incredible potential of the St Nazaire area – generating new residential opportunities, investing in the blue economy, fostering nautical activities, creating a network of ports, redeveloping public areas, protecting the great “coastal park,” providing the means for artistic expression or even setting up a coastal food project – and will be co-developed with local stakeholders and inhabitants.

A project of this scale can only be carried out jointly, bringing together local partners and citizens. As such, a “sharing” approach was used to present the project and the possibilities it brings, and to encourage everyone to voice their expectations, ideas, their red lines and so on. Missions Publiques has been supporting this project since spring 2018.

Visit the official page presenting the process, and share your opinion here!